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Man claims car accident was caused by faulty tire replacement

Getting a flat tire on the highway can be a frightening experience, but it is possible to regain control of the vehicle and get it off the road. However, when an entire wheel comes off while driving at highway speeds, the result can be a catastrophic car accident. This is what happened to a Louisiana man as he traveled on Interstate 10.

Louisiana woman claims controlled burn caused car accident

When a local, state or federal government conducts a controlled burn, it is responsible for ensuring that the area remains free from dangers such as fire, debris from the burn or other hazards that could arise during the operation. This is the case regardless of whether government employees or contractors are carrying out the burn. A Louisiana woman claims that the federal government is responsible for the injuries she suffered in a car accident during a controlled burn in the area.

Louisiana troopers suspect impairment in La. 16 car accident

Whether impairment was a factor in a recent crash on La. 16 remains to be seen. Troopers with the Louisiana State Police apparently suspect, however, that alcohol or drugs was responsible for the car accident that left one man dead, and two others injured. Their suspicion is strong enough for them to take the time to remind drivers not to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or taking drugs.

Fatal accident on I-10 takes 1 life, injures 7

Getting a flat tire can be frightening, but when it happens at highway speeds on a busy roadway, it can also be treacherous. Sometimes, a driver is unable to control the vehicle when a tire blows. Far too many Louisiana drivers in this position end up in a fatal accident.

Deadly construction site accidents harm victims' families most

Construction sites by their very nature include hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires Louisiana employers, among other agencies, to ensure that those hazards are either accounted for through the use of proper safety measures and equipment or eliminated, if possible. Without these protections, construction site accidents can occur that cause injuries to workers that vary from minor to fatal.


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