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2 dead in Louisiana collision with log truck

There are many reasons that commercial trucks can pose a threat while on the road. One is the wide turning radius that they require, which can encroach into other traffic lanes and pose a danger to nearby vehicles. That appears to be what occurred very early on Saturday morning in Lettsville, Louisiana, when a car crashed into a truck transporting logs on LA Highway 1, which resulted in the deaths of both of the car's occupants: a man and a woman, ages 35 and 36, respectively.

How to deal with aggressive drivers

If you have ever felt frustrated or lost your temper while trying to navigate through traffic, you are certainly not alone. Approximately 80 percent of American drivers confess that they have engaged in aggressive driving behaviors within the last year, according to AAA. Furthermore, male motorists are three times more likely than women motorists to be aggressive while behind the wheel. Not only does aggressive driving endanger the life of the motorist, but everyone else on the road as well. Nearly 56 percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents were caused by at least one form of aggressive driving. If you encounter someone with road rage, it is essential you understand how to handle the situation.

Hospitals blame external factors for maternal deaths

Every year in the United States, 50,000 women sustain serious injuries related to childbirth, and 700 hundred women die as a result of perinatal complications. Studies suggest that better medical care could have reduced or prevented the childbirth harm that occurred in nearly half of those cases. However, instead of acknowledging the problem when presented with the evidence or taking steps to improve the medical care available, hospitals tend to cite external factors beyond the control of medical personnel, such as poverty, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions and patient noncompliance, dismissing the data as being the result of an unsound analysis. 

Ruling changed by appeals court in wrongful death case

When most residents go to work, they do not expect to develop a deadly illness. According to Business Insurance, this is exactly what happened to a man who died of silicosis after working for 39 years for an iron and steel company. His wife attempted to sue his former employer, but the company filed for bankruptcy after a jury awarded her over $1 million for a negligent-failure-to-warn claim.

Warning: Hands-free cellphone usage is not risk-free

At Lee M. Schwalben. M.D.. J.D.. LLC. in Louisiana, we represent numerous clients who have received catastrophic injuries as the result of a motor vehicle crash. In many of these crashes, the other driver was engaged in distracted driving at the time. Usually this took the form of using his or her cellphone while driving.


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