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Emergency room malpractice leads to the death of an elderly woman

As any family in Louisiana may also have believed, a family in another state thought their 77-year-old mother was in good hands, so they decided to leave the hospital emergency room for a short time. The elderly woman's family left her at the emergency room to go home and for a change of clothes. While they were gone, they received a call to hurry back to the hospital because their mother was dying. Emergency room malpractice may be responsible for their mother's death.

Louisiana woman thrown into windshield during car accident dies

Every single day around the nation, people needlessly die or are critically injured in accidents because of impaired drivers. The Louisiana State Police are investigating the death of a woman that died recently in a single-car accident. The man that was driving the car she was in somehow managed to walk away with only minor injuries.

Workers cleaning up the BP oil spill claim toxic exposure

Over 100 people across four states including Louisiana have become ill after being involved in the cleanup of the Deep Horizon oil spill. They believe their illness is caused by toxic exposure to the chemicals BP used to clean up the spill. The main chemical believed to be the culprit is called "Corexit," which is a chemical dispersant.


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