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Understanding the attractive nuisance doctrine

Once summer starts, children in Louisiana and elsewhere will be spending more time outdoors. While this is a good thing, some homeowners should think about whether they have an “attractive nuisance” on their properties that might result in a child being injured.

When should I pursue a childbirth injury claim?

Having some discomfort after you give birth is completely normal. Your body has just performed an amazing feat, and a recovery period should follow. However, some Louisiana mothers experience more discomfort than others: Sometimes these strange feelings or symptoms indicate that you have sustained permanent or excessive injuries. Your injuries could be a known risk of a dangerous procedure you underwent, such as forceps delivery, but that does not necessarily preclude the idea of a legal claim.

Protecting the elderly against medication errors

When your parents begin to age, it's sometimes hard to know exactly what's ailing them. They may have multiple conditions working against them, and there are likely multiple specialists and medical providers they'll see. It can be hard to keep conditions and medications straight, but that's what medical providers and nursing homes should take care of for you.

Patient dumping is dangerous and dehumanizing

Imagine getting a phone call that your mother, who lives in a nursing home and suffers from dementia, was located at a homeless shelter after being treated at the hospital. Even worse, think about how you would feel if you found out the hospital staff had called a taxi for your mother, since she had no identifying information with her, and instructed the driver to take her to the shelter. At the law offices of Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., LLC, we feel that the practice of “patient dumping” should never happen to patients in Louisiana or anywhere else, but also know that it is an unfortunate occurrence in hospitals across the country.


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