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One wrong maneuver behind the wheel can cause a fatal accident

Nearly everyone who travels on Louisiana roadways knows that drivers must constantly make split second decisions behind the wheel of a vehicle in order to avoid obstacles, adjust to the contours of the roadway and react to other drivers. If drivers are distracted, impaired or not paying adequate attention to their surroundings for some reason, they can easily make the wrong maneuver. A serious or fatal accident can result. In that instant, the lives of the those involved can be changed forever. 

Medical malpractice comes in many forms

Every Louisiana resident deserves to get the best treatment possible from an attending medical staff when ill or injured. If that care is not received, a patient could suffer a serious injury or even die. If medical malpractice led to such an outcome, a lawsuit may be filed against the party or parties who are believed to be responsible.

Construction site accidents involving trenches are not uncommon

Many of the duties construction workers perform here in Louisiana and across the country put their lives at risk, which is why safety procedures, policies and equipment are so important. When the safety regulations enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are not followed, construction site accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries to workers. For example, a trench collapse is often preventable if the proper safety equipment is in place.

Man charged with vehicular homicide in fatal accident

Here in Louisiana, when a driver is suspected of being impaired and is believed to have caused an accident in which a victim dies, he or she can be charged with vehicular homicide even if there was no intent to kill. When a driver is impaired, the probability of a fatal accident increases exponentially. Furthermore, alcohol and drug-related accidents are considered to be some of the most preventable crashes. 


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