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How does health care bullying affect patients?

Despite what people say about bullying being restricted to the schoolyard, bullies abound anywhere you go – from high school to college and beyond. You might encounter a bully at the grocery store or in your own workplace. When Louisiana patients are subjected to a bullying environment in the health care industry, their own safety and well-being could be at risk.

It might surprise you to learn that workplace bullying is more common in the health care field than in other industries. As the Journal of Emergency Medical Services explains, nurses and other health care workers who may be viewed as subordinate to senior nurses, doctors and administrators, can be victimized by bullying behavior at work. When a worker is constantly subjected to negative words and actions, others may be directly or indirectly affected.

Underride collisions with commercial trucks are often devastating

As a driver, you typically do your best to avoid dangerous situations. After all, you don't want to get into a crash that causes you or anyone else in your vehicle injuries. One thing you should always try to keep in mind is that certain kinds of collisions and crashes are far more dangerous than others.

One of the most dangerous kinds of motor vehicle accident is the underrride collision. These accidents involve a smaller passenger vehicle ending up trapped underneath a larger commercial truck. They can happen in a variety of ways, and they often lead to catastrophic injuries and death, as well as the total destruction of the smaller vehicle. You want to avoid any kind of crash with a commercial truck, especially underride collisions.

What is defensive driving?

As a Louisiana driver, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. Ensuring proper driving practices is crucial in this case, as they will help you avoid accidents and prevent serious injury from occurring. offers the following tips on defensive driving and how it can help protect you as well as other motorists.

Watch Out for Aggressive Drivers

Family files wrongful death lawsuit after man dies during arrest

Police brutality has been in the spotlight in the U.S. for several years, particularly when it concerns people of color. Many residents of Louisiana and elsewhere are concerned about violent actions that law enforcement officers may commit against civilians during a police encounter, whether it be an investigation or attempted arrest.

Officers have the right to use force during an arrest, especially if the suspect is being confrontational or poses a danger to self or others. Such force that is usually deemed legally acceptable may be the use of a taser or bodily strength when officers attempt to detain a person. However, it may be all too easy for physical force to become excessive, resulting in serious harm or fatal injuries.

Why do women die during a pregnancy?

When you give birth at a Louisiana hospital, you usually expect everything to go smoothly. Sometimes there may be complications that result in a woman's death, however, and if a doctor could have prevented the situation, these deaths may be considered wrongful.

Sometimes a direct pregnancy complication can endanger a woman's life. According to Very Well Family, mothers who experience an ectopic pregnancy or uterine rupture may die if they do not receive the necessary treatment and care. Additionally, high blood pressure may be dangerous if doctors do not catch it early and take precautions. Sometimes women may lose too much blood as they give birth, and this can be fatal if a skillful doctor is not nearby.

What factors contribute to medical negligence?

When Louisiana residents like you go to any type of medical professional, you're placing your health and safety in their hands. Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen. Schwalben Law Firm is here to help if you get involved in a harmful situation that stems from negligence.

Many factors can contribute to negligence in the medical field. A number of these factors can be boiled down to problems among the staff. For example, the well-being of employees can have a huge impact on how patients are cared for. There's a rather large epidemic currently affecting the medical community in which understaffed, overburdened hospitals have grueling hours. This schedule set-up can make it difficult for the staff to be properly rested. In turn, the lack of sleep can contribute to inattentiveness, inefficiency, and mistakes.

Heavy wind, strong rain can cause trouble on the road

As a driver in the state of Louisiana, you expect to run into inclement weather every now and again. While it's not ideal, it's something you need to deal with on a case by case basis. For example, heavy wind and strong rain can make it difficult to see the road ahead and maintain control of your vehicle.

If you find yourself on the road when the weather takes a turn for the worse, there are a few things you can do to improve your safety. Follow these tips when driving in heavy winds:

  • Get ready for gusts: Even when the wind is steady, there are times when gusts will hit your vehicle. You need to anticipate these, to ensure that you're driving slowly and have full control of your vehicle.
  • Watch high profile vehicles: The higher the vehicle, the more likely it is that it will tip when the wind begins to pick up. For example, commercial trucks and buses are more likely to tip in heavy winds.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel: Now's not the time to drive with one hand, as you never know when a gust will hit your vehicle. Two hands will ensure that you have as much control as possible.

Speed, no headlights involved in fatal crash

Most people in Louisiana who drive vehicles do so responsibly and with the awareness that doing so is a way of keeping themselves, their loved ones and even strangers safe. It would be nice for all residents to assume that every other driver on the road takes that same approach when getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Unfortunately that is not always the case as there are many people who drive recklessly or make poor and dangerous choices that put others in harm's way.

Such was the case in St. John the Baptist Parish on one evening recently when one driver's decisions ended up injuring not only himself but another driver and, even worse, claiming the life of another person. According to reports from Fox 8 Live, a man driving a Chevy pickup truck along a stretch of LA 636-3 attempted to make a left turn but instead of successfully completing the turn, his truck was struck by an oncoming sedan

What does aggressive driving look like?

Like any activity, driving all day can become tiring, and sometimes it can be frustrating to work with other drivers on the road. If you drive a truck in Louisiana, though, it is important for you to make sure you do not become aggressive as you drive.

According to the American Automobile Association, a driver is being aggressive if he or she intentionally uses unsafe behaviors on the road. These behaviors include tailgating and merging into another lane without using the turn signals. Aggressive drivers may also run red lights, speed and weave between lanes. Sometimes a trucker might also stop cars from getting in a different lane or merge into a lane and immediately slow down.

Is vaginal tearing serious?

When you give birth in Louisiana, you may expect the process to go smoothly. However, women can sometimes incur birth injuries like vaginal tears. While some of these tears may not be serious, others can present hazards to your health.

Parents Magazine says that sometimes your vagina may tear when you are giving birth. This usually happens if the vagina does not stretch enough for the baby's head to move through. These tears typically fall into four degrees of severity. A fourth-degree tear is the most serious. In this situation, a tear might go through all the layers of your vagina and into the rectal lining. This sort of tear does not occur often and may happen only if a doctor needs to use forceps. A third-degree tear can also be a serious injury. This type of tear generally cuts through several layers of your vagina and may sometimes affect the muscles beneath. Doctors can usually repair these tears with thorough and careful sewing. 


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