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Choosing the right surgeon will put your mind at ease

If you require any type of surgery, it's critical to understand the details of the procedure and who will perform it. Choosing the right surgeon is easier said than done, especially if you're ill and unable to put a lot of time into the search process.

Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to research and compare surgeons with the idea of making a confident decision in a timely manner.

Summer’s “100 Deadliest Days” a dangerous time to be on the road

When you hit the road in Louisiana during the summer months, your odds of encountering teen drivers increase considerably, as many drivers in this age group are out of school for the summer and therefore more likely to be on the state’s roadways. At the law firm of Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., LLC, we understand that teen driver-involved automotive fatalities rise considerably during the summer months, and we have helped many people who experienced injuries or lost loved ones in teen driver-involved car wrecks seek recourse.

Per AAA, the stretch of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is so dangerous that the span has become known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” In 2016, about 10 people died in roadway wrecks involving teenage drivers every day during this period. In total, more than 1,050 individuals lost their lives in car crashes involving teen drivers during the span, which is a 14% jump when compared with the rest of the year.

Newborn baby dropped, receives unauthorized ultrasound

The birth of a baby in Louisiana should be a joyous occasion, and many parents preserve the memory through video recording. However, one father in Arizona ended up recording a nightmare scenario when the doctor who was delivering his twin daughters accidentally dropped one of them. Another staffer prevented the newborn from falling on the floor by catching her but was unable to prevent the infant from hitting her head on the table. 

Hospital staff later performed an ultrasound on the newborn that revealed a condition of bleeding in the brain known as a germinal matrix hemorrhage. The condition may not have been the result of the dropping incident as it occurs with some frequency in children born prematurely, as the twins were. However, the parents did not give consent about the ultrasound and did not even learn about it until six weeks thereafter. 

What injuries can occur during labor and childbirth?

Louisiana mothers like you rely on healthcare to make your labor as safe and free of injury as possible. At Schwalben Law Firm, we work toward providing you with vital information that can be used to protect your health. In worst case scenarios, you can use this information to seek compensation if injury befalls you or your child.

Some injuries that occur during childbirth or labor can be relatively mild. Others can be severely damaging, potentially altering your child's entire life. Brain injuries, physical trauma, and disorders like Erb's palsy can all happen during childbirth. Some may be a result of the baby being removed too forcefully or at an angle that causes damage to the nerves, muscles, and other soft tissue.

Two trucks collide, spill fish on Louisiana interstate

The name of the Bonnet Carre Spillway in New Orleans, Louisiana, seemed particularly apt approximately a week ago when a dump truck and an 18-wheeler collided, causing the semi truck's cargo of frozen fish to spill across Interstate 10. 

The collision occurred early on a Friday morning in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 at mile marker 214, on the bridge over the spillway. In order to allow crews to clear the lost cargo from the roadway, authorities closed the eastbound lanes of the interstate for several hours thereafter. By 9:00 a.m., both lanes were clear, and law enforcement reopened them to traffic.

What’s the best way to handle a cancer misdiagnosis?

No one wants to learn that they have cancer, which is why it's so easy to feel a sense of relief when you receive a diagnosis of a less serious illness.

Unfortunately, it's possible for your medical team to make a mistake, thus leading to a delayed cancer diagnosis.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As many drivers in Louisiana are aware, distracted driving is increasingly becoming a problem across the country. Electronic devices are a major distraction for drivers, but they are by far not the only one. This month, drivers everywhere can benefit with a recap on distracted driving.

The National Safety Council has designated the month of April for people to refresh their understanding of distracted driving. Distracted Driving Awareness Month brings up many safety issues, including the high risk of crashes and fatalities when a driver’s attention is not focused on the road.

What can happen if you leave the hospital too early?

It is understandable to not enjoy being admitted to the hospital and want to get out as soon as possible. However, you and other Louisiana residents should understand the potential complications of being discharged before you are ready.

When your doctor says you are being released from the hospital, it is normal to trust his or her word that you have recovered enough to go home. U.S. News & World Report points out that many patients are discharged despite having one or more abnormalities in their vital signs, which can make it likely for a patient to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days or even die.

Overconfident driving and fatal car crashes

All sorts of behaviors can make a deadly car crash more likely, whether a person gets in their car after drinking excessively or decides to ignore the speed limit because they need to get to work on time. However, some drivers are overconfident, and this can significantly increase the probability of a motor vehicle collision. For example, an inexperienced driver may think that their driving skills are better than they actually are, or someone could ignore issues they are dealing with (such as poor vision or fatigue) and think that their driving abilities will not be impacted in any way. Sadly, overconfidence can be deadly on the roadway.

In general, some people have an excessive amount of confidence. While this can be helpful in certain aspects of life, too much confidence behind the wheel can be incredibly dangerous, especially since there are so many hazards that even the most skilled drivers may encounter. It is always important to be careful and watch out for car crash risks while driving, and some drivers disregard this advice and place lives in danger by failing to watch out for hazards. For example, someone who has never driven during winter weather conditions may be too confident and drive too fast even though there is ice or snow on the road.

2 dead in Louisiana collision with log truck

There are many reasons that commercial trucks can pose a threat while on the road. One is the wide turning radius that they require, which can encroach into other traffic lanes and pose a danger to nearby vehicles. That appears to be what occurred very early on Saturday morning in Lettsville, Louisiana, when a car crashed into a truck transporting logs on LA Highway 1, which resulted in the deaths of both of the car's occupants: a man and a woman, ages 35 and 36, respectively.

The driver of the southbound log truck did not sustain any injury in the crash. Reportedly, he attempted to make a wide right turn into a gravel driveway, crossing the center line in the process for reasons that remain under investigation. The car was traveling northbound in the other lane when it crashed into the truck's rear axle. The car overturned and came to rest in a nearby canal after the force of the impact sent it along the right side of the highway and into a ditch. 


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