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Could the use of a stent be medical malpractice in Louisiana?

The use of a stent when a patient has a heart attack seems to have become commonplace for many cardiologists. New evidence is coming to light that indicates doctors are overusing and misusing stents, and many patients, including some here in Louisiana, have suffered serious injuries or even death as a result. If it can be determined that the procedure was unnecessary or incorrectly performed, a case for medical malpractice could be made.

Fatal accident takes Louisiana woman's son away from her

According to the victim's mother, he was just going to stop to get something to eat on his way home. He was four blocks from his home when he became involved in a fatal accident. Two hours after she last spoke with him, police told the Louisiana woman that he son had died.

Car accident on U.S. Hwy 190 kills Louisiana man

The Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of an accident on U.S. Highway 190 in the early morning hours of Sept. 8. When they arrived, the troopers found that a man had been struck by a vehicle. That Louisiana man was pronounced dead at the scene as a result of the injuries he received in the car accident.

Man dies after walking away from single car accident in Louisiana

Louisiana State Police received a call in the early morning hours of Sept. 4 about an accident that appears to have only involved one vehicle. As they were responding to that call, another call came in about a pedestrian vs. car accident. Police believe that the two accidents are connected.

Louisiana hospital negligence: Nurse throws away kidney

When people in Louisiana hear the word surgery, they tend to get nervous. It might be as simple as a routine outpatient procedure or as life-threatening as a heart bypass. For one young woman, her fears came true when she was told she needed a kidney transplant. Luckily, her younger brother was a match and willing to give one of his kidneys to her. However, the nightmare began when the organ that had just been removed from her brother was thrown into the trash due to alleged hospital negligence.


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