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What should you know about truck accidents?

Big rigs on Louisiana's Interstate 10 speed along, rushing to get to their next drop-off point. Long haulers on Interstate 20 cruise between Dallas and Atlanta in semitrucks that are a necessary element in U.S. trade. The drivers transport goods across the country and back again, fueling the economy with endless supplies of high-demand products.

Asbestos: the stealthy killer

Louisiana construction workers face a substantial risk for death from mesothelioma, asbestosis and other asbestos-related diseases. As FindLaw explains, asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that has been mined for over a century in the United States and used extensively in construction and consumer products because of its excellent insulating abilities and resistance to heat and flame.

Federal laws aim to reduce fatigued commercial driving

There are many factors that impact how safely someone can drive. Alcohol, illegal drugs, over-the-counter medication and prescriptions can all impact driving safety. Distractions are also a big source of risk on the road. Texting while driving, checking social media, eating, changing or adjusting clothing, or reaching into the rear of a cab or under a seat can all result in a driver failing to notice changes to driving conditions that can lead to serious accidents.

What is uterine rupture?

If you are an expectant mother in Louisiana who has had a previous C-section, you are at increased risk for a uterine rupture when this child is born. This is particularly true if you are planning to have a VBAC; that is, a vaginal birth after cesarean.

Is vacuum extraction safe for your baby?

If you are a Louisiana mother-to-be, your baby’s safety, health and welfare are always foremost in your mind. If this is your first pregnancy or if you are a small woman who may have difficulty delivering vaginally, you may wish to research vacuum extraction as your delivery date approaches so that you can make an informed decision should the possible need for this procedure arise.

Complications associated with Cesarean sections

If you are among the many Louisiana women who deliver babies via Cesarean section every year, you may have had prior knowledge that you would give birth by this method, or it may have come as a complete surprise. Nowadays, C-sections are becoming increasingly common in America, accounting for more than a quarter of all deliveries, but the procedure also poses a number of risks for mother and baby. At the law office of Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., we have a firm understanding of the health complications many mothers and babies face after C-sections, and we have helped many affected families seek recourse.


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