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Workers' compensation needed for workers in Louisiana, elsewhere

Construction accidents can occur at many types of Louisiana construction or work sites. Often, these accidents result is serious injuries, or even death. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of reasons why construction accidents can occur. Recently, one out-of-state construction accident was the result of a large slab of concrete being poorly secured as workers worked around it. This construction accident may cause the injured workers to lose wages and incur medical expenses, which make their actions toward potential workers' compensation benefits vital.

According to reports, two men were working in a trench under a concrete slab that they were cutting when the slab fell and pinned both men. The slab reportedly fell on the ankles of both workers, trapping them for nearly two hours while rescue crews worked diligently to free them. It reportedly required large machinery lifting the concrete slab off of the workers in order to free them.

Both men sustained serious trauma injuries to their legs. They were transported to a local hospital in the Texas town where the accident occurred. Rescue crews reportedly gave the two workers IV fluids and pain medication while the teams worked to free them, actions that likely greatly reduced the stress of the two workers as they awaited release. An official stated that the concrete slab weighed somewhere around 50,000 pounds.

Accidents like this one demonstrate just how quickly a construction accident can occur at any job site. Louisiana workers rely on their co-workers and employers to ensure that all protocol and procedures are followed, ensuring a safe work environment. In this accident, all that is known of the cause for these injuries is that the concrete slab was not secured. As the workers struggle to recover, their next step may be investigating their rights under our state's workers' compensation laws. Seeking workers' compensation benefits after a construction accident often can be challenging, meaning that these workers may find it beneficial to take advantage of available channels for help.

Source:, "Trapped Workers Rescued, Recovering After Construction Accident," March 14, 2013


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