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March 2016 Archives

Deceased driver unsuccessfully attempted to avoid car accident

Every time Louisiana drivers get on the road, they are presented with numerous situations in which an accident could occur. Drivers are required to pay attention to their surroundings and react to any potential obstacles. Sadly, even when a driver does everything right and attempts to avoid a car accident, the outcome can still be a serious collision.

Car accident caused by driver's loss of control

Any number of things can cause a Louisiana driver to lose control of the vehicle he or she is driving. Impairment, distraction and obstacles in the roadway can all cause a loss of control. If the driver is unable to regain command of the vehicle, a car accident could result.

Police say driver lied about being involved in fatal accident

Troopers with the Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of a crash that recently occurred on Louisiana Highway 139 at approximately 7:50 p.m. Upon arrival, troopers found only one driver at the scene. It was determined that the other driver had left the scene of what became a fatal accident.

Fatal accident on Louisiana Hwy 20 remains under investigation

When law enforcement officials here in Louisiana investigate an accident, they gather the information they need to complete their reports from numerous sources. When one of those sources is not available, it can cause the investigation to take longer. For example, in a fatal accident in which the driver believed to be responsible dies, it could take longer to determine one or more factors that led to the crash since the driver is not available to provide an explanation.

Pharmacists can be guilty of medical malpractice too

The reason that many medications prescribed by doctors cannot be purchased over-the-counter is because their potential side effects and/or drug interactions can be dangerous. It is up to pharmacists here in Louisiana and elsewhere to ensure that the prescription is filled properly and will not pose any significant danger to the patient. If a pharmacist breaches that duty, it could be considered medical malpractice.