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January 2015 Archives

Family files wrongful death claim against nursing home

Louisiana nursing homes are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their residents. This includes inspecting and maintaining the facility and all equipment. The staff is also expected to address the health concerns of residents -- especially if a resident was involved in an accident of some kind. A wrongful death claim filed by one family says that the nursing home where their loved one lived failed on both counts.

Fatal accident driver has history of driving under the influence

Louisiana drivers who consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car often believe that they are able to control their vehicles. Many more people, however, understand that this is really just a false sense of security, since alcohol can lower inhibitions and cloud a person's judgment. Drivers may get lucky and get to their destination without incident, but repeated instances only increase the odds of causing a serious or fatal accident.

Driver suffers catastrophic injuries in Louisiana car crash

A Louisiana driver's primary obligation to his or her passengers and others on the road is to maintain control of his or her vehicle and be aware of the road conditions and any potential obstacles. When a driver fails in any of those duties, disaster might follow. Sadly, any accident that results could involve catastrophic injuries.

A car accident can change a family forever

Sadly, too many Louisiana residents know that, in mere seconds, life can change forever. The aftermath of a fatal car accident can alter the structure of a family in ways that may not be measured for years to come. Recently, a family of four became a family of two in what may have been the blink of an eye.