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Louisiana woman suffers head injury in parking lot car accident

Louisiana residents may not consider parking lots to be particularly dangerous. However, the unique combination of vehicles and pedestrians can easily lead to a car accident without ever leaving the parking lot. Authorities are taking the opportunity to remind drivers to be certain their path is clear before maneuvering through a parking lot after a recent accident involving a pedestrian and a Jeep.

Louisiana boy suffers catastrophic injuries from being hit by car

During the school year, the constant stopping and starting of school buses picking up or dropping off children can seem like an annoyance to some Louisiana drivers. Many drivers dread seeing that little stop sign lit up on the side of the bus as they hurry to their destinations. However, those stop signs are meant to keep children safe as they get on and off the school bus each day. When a driver fails to obey that sign or exercise additional caution near a school bus, a child can easily suffer catastrophic injuries or worse.

Workers comp claim possible in industrial accidents in Louisiana

Here in Louisiana, workers can reasonably expect that employers will take measures to ensure their safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was created for just that purpose. Yet, accidents still occur that can be tied to the negligence of employers. Industrial accidents are, unfortunately, not unusual due to the physical nature of many jobs in that field. Recently, a worker in this state decided to sue several companies for injuries he sustained on the job.

Contaminated shot leads to Louisiana medical malpractice suit

Patients receive injections every day. Most of the time, these injections make them feel better. However, it is sometimes the case that injections are recalled because they can potentially cause harm. For one Louisiana woman, that recall notice came too late. As a result of receiving a contaminated injection, she has filed a medical malpractice and products liability lawsuit against her doctor and the manufacturer of the drug.

Podiatrist nightmare leads to claims of doctor negligence

A Louisiana man recently consulted a podiatrist for a foot condition that eventually required surgery. The condition started out as a lesion that was apparently under a foot bone. The podiatrist prescribed one set of treatments that permanently altered the man's life for the worse, according to the patient. The person eventually required surgery, making this a case of doctor negligence.

Chronic brain tremors caused by doctor's failure to diagnose?

The brain is a very complicated organ. In fact, scientists have purportedly barely scratched the surface of understanding how it operates and how it responds to treatment. There are people who suffer from chronic brain conditions who seek treatment in an effort to eliminate or at least lessen the symptoms. One resident of Louisiana has filed a case against her doctor, alleging that his failure to diagnose her condition has caused her irreparable damage.

Louisiana women seriously injured in car accident

One Louisiana town takes its charity work so seriously they have a permanent donation booth on a street for charitable organizations to use to collect donations from motorists. The booth is located on the center line of Saizan Avenue in Port Barre. The booth was destroyed recently in a car accident that seriously injured two women.


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