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Police do not yet know who caused fatal accident on Hwy 171

It is not always easy to assign 100 percent of the blame in an accident to one party. More often, the actions of more than one driver make up the circumstances that cause an accident. This could be the case in a fatal accident that recently occurred on Louisiana Highway 171.

Witness describes fatal car accident on I-10E in Louisiana

A woman occupying a vehicle that was following another vehicle occupied by family members witnessed a devastating crash on I-10E in Louisiana. As the two vehicles traveled east, another vehicle came up quickly and attempted to pass on the shoulder. The woman witnessed the car accident that resulted from that driver's apparent recklessness.

Fishing trip ends in a fatal accident on Louisiana 928

It is summertime, children are out of school and more people are out and about. On a recent afternoon, a father, his two children and two other men were fishing down an embankment off Louisiana 928. None of them had any way of knowing that this fishing trip would end in a fatal accident.

Details of car accident involving firefighter still sketchy

So far, not many details are available regarding a recent head-on collision. The car accident took place on Louisiana 25 at approximately 6:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they discovered that one of the drivers was from their department.

Louisiana State trooper witnesses fatal accident

Most Louisiana drivers understand that in order to safely navigate the roadways, they need to pay attention to their surroundings and anticipate obstacles. Sometimes, however, even when a driver does everything right, a serious or fatal accident can occur. This is often due to other drivers not following the same rules that everyone else does.

Motorcyclist suffers catastrophic injuries in accident

Every driver in Louisiana is responsible for paying attention to the road and following the traffic laws. When a motorist fails to do either, he or she may breach a duty of care to those around him or her. Depending on the circumstances, when a duty of reasonable care is breached, passengers in the same vehicle and others on the roadway could suffer mild to catastrophic injuries.

Underage drinking and driving ends in a Louisiana car accident

Most everyone in Louisiana knows that driving after consuming alcohol raises the risk of getting involved in an accident. When the diminished capacity that accompanies intoxication is coupled with the inexperience of a young driver, the results could be catastrophic. A recent car accident may have been caused by drinking and driving by an underage driver.

Driver in deadly car accident will go to trial in Louisiana

Holidays are a time to be spent with friends and family celebrating. Some of these celebrations include the consumption of alcohol. This may have been the case of a woman Memorial Day weekend 2013 who is accused of killing three people in a car accident on Louisiana Highway 61 that day.

Louisiana woman suffers head injury in parking lot car accident

Louisiana residents may not consider parking lots to be particularly dangerous. However, the unique combination of vehicles and pedestrians can easily lead to a car accident without ever leaving the parking lot. Authorities are taking the opportunity to remind drivers to be certain their path is clear before maneuvering through a parking lot after a recent accident involving a pedestrian and a Jeep.

Louisiana boy suffers catastrophic injuries from being hit by car

During the school year, the constant stopping and starting of school buses picking up or dropping off children can seem like an annoyance to some Louisiana drivers. Many drivers dread seeing that little stop sign lit up on the side of the bus as they hurry to their destinations. However, those stop signs are meant to keep children safe as they get on and off the school bus each day. When a driver fails to obey that sign or exercise additional caution near a school bus, a child can easily suffer catastrophic injuries or worse.


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