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Explosions on offshore oil platforms can injure or kill workers

Most Louisiana residents who work in the oil industry already know that even when an offshore oil platform is not producing oil, it can still be a dangerous place to work. Explosions do not only happen during production. Other activities on the platform can lead to an accident.

Toxic exposure is just one workplace hazard for Louisiana workers

Nearly every industrial worker in Louisiana accepts that his or her job comes with certain dangers. Toxic exposure to chemicals that are used, stored or distributed in the workplace is just one of those hazards. Without the proper safety equipment and training, a worker can suffer serious injury, illness or even death.

Workers comp claim possible in industrial accidents in Louisiana

Here in Louisiana, workers can reasonably expect that employers will take measures to ensure their safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was created for just that purpose. Yet, accidents still occur that can be tied to the negligence of employers. Industrial accidents are, unfortunately, not unusual due to the physical nature of many jobs in that field. Recently, a worker in this state decided to sue several companies for injuries he sustained on the job.

Workers' compensation claim cannot be altered, says Appeals Court

A recent Louisiana incident involving a worker on an oil production platform has made it all the way to the Appeals Court. A worker who was hurt while working filed a workers' compensation claim after he apparently injured his knee. He had originally filed for benefits, but later wanted to change his claim.

Industrial accidents: United Ethanol cited by OSHA.

Louisiana readers may have learned of a citation, issued by OSHA to United Ethanol LLC for safety and health violations. This remedial action was taken after industrial accidents occurred on April 19 when an employee died after entering a bin used for grain storage at the company's facility in another state. He attempted to clear the floor chute by entering the bin and was overwhelmed when the grain piled upon him.

Louisiana worker entitled to workers' compensation benefits

The Louisiana Court of Appeal recently issued a ruling regarding a woman who was injured while running an errand for a boss. The court ruled that the woman was entitled to workers' compensation benefits. One question the court had to answer was whether the woman was "acting in the course of her employment" when she was injured. The other question was whether she was injured before or after the accident.

Louisiana worker denied workers' compensation

Under Louisiana law, an employee can substantiate an on-the-job injury through his or her testimony alone. If there is no evidence contradicting that testimony and there is evidence to corroborate it, the employee may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. A recent Court of Appeals case illustrates the importance of having corroborating evidence.

Workers cleaning up the BP oil spill claim toxic exposure

Over 100 people across four states including Louisiana have become ill after being involved in the cleanup of the Deep Horizon oil spill. They believe their illness is caused by toxic exposure to the chemicals BP used to clean up the spill. The main chemical believed to be the culprit is called "Corexit," which is a chemical dispersant.

Louisiana workers' compensation: Man killed by riding lawn mower

The head of the Louisiana Cemetery and Parks Department was killed recently. It's not yet clear exactly what happened, but a riding lawn mower was found on top of him. Due to the fact that the man died in the performance of his duties, his family may qualify for workers' compensation death benefits to help them with finances as they cope with his loss.

Workers' compensation needed for workers in Louisiana, elsewhere

Construction accidents can occur at many types of Louisiana construction or work sites. Often, these accidents result is serious injuries, or even death. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of reasons why construction accidents can occur. Recently, one out-of-state construction accident was the result of a large slab of concrete being poorly secured as workers worked around it. This construction accident may cause the injured workers to lose wages and incur medical expenses, which make their actions toward potential workers' compensation benefits vital.


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