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What are the most common types of malpractice?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice encompasses a complex series of standards, expectations and legal requirements for the care that you should receive from medical professionals. Understanding the most common issues that result in malpractice claims can help you decide if you have a case to pursue.

There are a few standard types of medical malpractice seen most frequently.

Diagnosis errors

Errors in diagnosis are among the most common malpractice claims and can incorporate multiple types of mistakes. First, errors in diagnosis can refer to misdiagnosis, which occurs when any other reasonable medical professional would issue a different diagnosis if presented with the same case. In addition, delays in diagnosis can apply if symptoms were blatantly overlooked or dismissed and led to unnecessary complications.

Procedural mistakes

Recommending incorrect or unnecessary medical procedures, making mistakes in surgery that cause complications and referring patients for procedures that worsen their condition due to oversight all qualify as procedural mistakes for medical malpractice claims. Surgical mistakes include performing the wrong operation, leaving surgical instruments, such as sponges, behind in the incision or operating under the influence.

Prescription errors

Prescribing medications with contraindications based on allergies or other medications can qualify as malpractice, as can prescribing the wrong medication for a condition. Dosing errors also apply if a physician miscalculates the dosage and causes complications.

You have a right to safe, proper medical care. Recognizing what constitutes malpractice is the first step toward protecting those rights if you experienced misdiagnosis, mistreatment or serious complications due to your care provider’s negligence.