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Top causes of collisions with semi trucks

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Car Accidents

Any major motor vehicle collision can result in devastating and costly injuries or even death.

Collisions between semi trucks and smaller average vehicles are even more likely to cause catastrophic results due to the massive size and weight differences between the vehicles. Many reasons for collisions are due to the decisions and actions of truck drivers.

Driving over the speed limit

Semi-trucks are much larger and heavier than most vehicles on the road. One frequent cause of truck accidents is speeding. When truck drivers speed or drive faster than they should in bad weather, they can lose control of the truck and the load they are pulling, resulting in an accident.

Drowsy driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations regarding the number of hours truck drivers can drive before they must rest. The purpose is to keep the drivers awake and alert while driving. They may drive a maximum of 11 hours before they must be off-duty for 10 hours.  Short breaks are also required during their drive time. When drivers exceed their maximum hours or skip breaks, fatigue can affect their abilities to react and respond behind the wheel, increasing the risk of collisions.

Other drivers on the road have a responsibility too. Semi-trucks have larger than average blind spots at the front, rear and sides of their trucks. While they must look out for other vehicles when changing lanes or making turns, they cannot avoid what they cannot see. Other drivers on the road should avoid truck blind spots to lessen their risk of getting hit.