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Louisiana motorcycle helmet laws

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Louisiana laws mandate helmets for all motorcycle riders and passengers. According to data gathered by Louisiana State University, the state saw 1,146 serious motorcycle accident injuries and 82 fatalities in 2021 alone.

Review the state’s helmet laws if you live or frequently ride in Louisiana.

Helmet requirements

According to state law, a motorcycle helmet must:

  • Be designed for riding on a motorcycle
  • Have padding, a secure chin strap, a visor and lining
  • Meet all other legal specifications for motorcycle helmets.

You can ask for an exemption to the helmet law if you participate in an organizational exhibition parade. The permit, which lasts only during the event or parade, comes from your local law enforcement.

You can also request a permanent exemption by obtaining at least $10,000 in medical insurance benefits for bodily injury. If an officer asks, you must show him or her proof of insurance.

Additional motorcycle laws

Unless your bike has a high windshield, you must also wear a face shield, goggles, safety glasses or other protective eye gear. If you carry a passenger, your bike must have a separate seat and footrests for that person. Passengers cannot legally be younger than age 5.

Your bike’s handlebars must be lower than your shoulders, and you must keep both hands on the handlebars while operating the motorcycle. You can ride abreast in the same lane with one other motorcycle, but you cannot pass other vehicles in the same lane.

Failure to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Louisiana results in a $50 fine.