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3 leading causes of ER negligence

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

When you need urgent medical help, you turn to your closest emergency room. You should not leave with a more significant health issue than when you went in.

Medical malpractice in emergency rooms in Louisiana happens for a variety of reasons. Learn about three leading causes of medical malpractice in the ER.

1. Fatigue among the staff

Shift work is standard for hospital staff, and many utilize a 12-hour work schedule. However, when the ER experiences an influx of patients, staff may have to work overtime. Fatigue, both physical and emotional, may take a toll on even a seasoned ER staff member. When medical personnel experience exhaustion, mistakes may happen.

2. Late intake and intervention

Patients arriving at the ER usually wait for services. Staff sorts patients into categories and prioritizes those with critical conditions. This does not mean, however, that every critical patient gets treatment timely. If a patient waits too long before intake and diagnosis, it may exacerbate a condition making things worse.

3. Failure to administer proper tests and care

Some patients may face a quick discharge with little or no treatment. For some, this may spell disaster. When an ER does not run the appropriate diagnostics on a patient, it may result in further illness or injury. Overcrowding and financial resources may play some role in turning over patients without adequate diagnostics and treatment.

A medical problem made worse by the people responsible for helping is a textbook case of medical malpractice. Your welfare may depend on the steps you take to seek help.