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What to do if your surgeon performed the wrong surgery

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

Having surgery is not usually a small ordeal and, while it may be necessary to improve your health and well-being, can involve extensive recovery time and both physical and emotional stress. Coming out of an operation and finding out that your highly qualified surgeon actually performed the wrong surgery may be unbelievable.

The law requires medical professionals in the United States to complete years of training and extensive study to become licensed and ensure you receive the highest standard of care. So, whatever the reason may be for your non-consent surgery, things like this do happen, and you must know what to do in this situation.

Medical malpractice case

There is a good chance that you can hold your surgeon liable for medical malpractice, for which you can file a lawsuit against her or him to obtain compensation for your damages and the trauma you have experienced. Consulting an experienced malpractice attorney is important in these cases, as the doctor’s lawyers may try to settle with you quickly and for less compensation than you need or deserve after your non-consent surgery.

No matter what caused the surgeon to make such an erroneous and negligent error, the court must hold them accountable, so they do not perform the same mistake on another patient. Your lawyer will attempt to find out the circumstances surrounding the surgery to find out why it occurred, whether the doctor succumbed to exhaustion, rushing, did not communicate properly with his team, or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Fair compensation

Having undergone the wrong surgery, you are likely entitled to a large compensation, not only for your physical trauma but also for any lasting effects the surgery will cause to your body and quality of life. Be sure you understand your rights and collect what a jury or attorney would deem fair under your unique circumstances.