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What injuries can occur during labor and childbirth?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

Louisiana mothers like you rely on healthcare to make your labor as safe and free of injury as possible. At Schwalben Law Firm, we work toward providing you with vital information that can be used to protect your health. In worst case scenarios, you can use this information to seek compensation if injury befalls you or your child.

Some injuries that occur during childbirth or labor can be relatively mild. Others can be severely damaging, potentially altering your child’s entire life. Brain injuries, physical trauma, and disorders like Erb’s palsy can all happen during childbirth. Some may be a result of the baby being removed too forcefully or at an angle that causes damage to the nerves, muscles, and other soft tissue.

In other cases, damage can occur due to issues outside of the doctor’s control, but they may not have acted quickly or appropriately enough to mitigate the damage. An example of this are children who end up suffering from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen if the umbilical cord ends up wrapped around their neck.

The keen eye of medical staff and their ability to react quickly in dangerous situations can make the difference in your child’s quality of life. This is why their performance is scrutinized if you or your child ends up injured.

If your child has suffered from injury at any point during the process of labor and childbirth, consider taking a look at our webpage on medical malpractice cases, linked here. You can also talk to our attorneys to learn more about your options for seeking compensation after an injury occurs.