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2 dead in Louisiana collision with log truck

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Truck Accidents

There are many reasons that commercial trucks can pose a threat while on the road. One is the wide turning radius that they require, which can encroach into other traffic lanes and pose a danger to nearby vehicles. That appears to be what occurred very early on Saturday morning in Lettsville, Louisiana, when a car crashed into a truck transporting logs on LA Highway 1, which resulted in the deaths of both of the car’s occupants: a man and a woman, ages 35 and 36, respectively.

The driver of the southbound log truck did not sustain any injury in the crash. Reportedly, he attempted to make a wide right turn into a gravel driveway, crossing the center line in the process for reasons that remain under investigation. The car was traveling northbound in the other lane when it crashed into the truck’s rear axle. The car overturned and came to rest in a nearby canal after the force of the impact sent it along the right side of the highway and into a ditch. 

Despite the driver and passenger of the car wearing seatbelts, authorities pronounced both dead at the scene. Pending analysis of toxicology samples taken from both drivers should indicate whether either was driving under impairment. Authorities are still investigating the crash. 

Charges are reportedly pending for the driver of the truck, although there are no specific details available as to what kind of charges, or how many, authorities intend to bring against him. Drivers and passengers injured in an accident with a commercial truck may find it useful to consult an attorney.