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Will lowering the driving age for trucks lead to more accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Truck Accidents

You may not be aware, but our country is suffering a huge shortage in truck drivers. This affects everyone in Louisiana because we need trucks to drive freight. They stock the shelves in the stores. Without enough trucks, store shelves stay empty. Most of these trucks must travel across state lines. This is where some issues occur. According to The Washington Post, to drive across state lines, the minimum age for a trucker is 21 years old.

To help expand the job market, the Trump Administration is considering lowering that age to 18. A pilot program from the Department of Transportation will offer a test group of drivers under 21 to drive interstate loads. The test group is likely to contain military personnel or former military personnel. The drivers will have training before starting.

Drivers will also have a veteran truck driver as a mentor. The mentor will ride along with the new driver. To be able to drive alone, the new driver will have to complete an apprenticeship program.

Trucking companies have come out in large support of the program and lowering the age limit. However, those against the idea fear this dangerous job will pose too much risk to younger drivers who are in the general age group that has the most road accidents. In addition, they feel it is a lot of responsibility to put on young truckers.

The goal is to show through the program that younger drivers can successfully deliver loads and keep accident rates down. This information is for education and is not legal advice.