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Common pharmaceutical mistakes that can affect you

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Plenty of people in Louisiana see a pharmacist on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it’s to pick up medicines to treat temporary illnesses, or for longer-lasting conditions that need to be monitored, pharmacies are a big part of many people’s lives. However, even pharmacists can make mistakes.

Pharmaceutical mistakes can happen for many reasons, and there are different types of common mistakes, too. Pharmacy Times takes a look at common dispensing errors along with ways to reduce the possibility of them happening. Among the causes of these errors, it includes:

  • Struggling with abbreviations and zeroes
  • Disorganized workplace
  • Stressful or distracting environment
  • Improper drug storage
  • Reading prescriptions wrong
  • Getting medications mixed up

Many of these errors are attributed to a pharmacy being a very busy, distracting place. Pharmacists are encouraged to focus on their work, keep things organized, and reduce stress to lower the chances of getting medications, dosage, or instructions mixed up.

Specialty Pharmacy Times also shows that patient counseling is important, as there are many errors that people make when taking prescription drugs, too. Pharmacists need to know the correct dosage, rate of usage, and be aware of any expiration dates in order to pass that information on to the patient. It should also be double-checked that it’s the right medication due to “sound-alike” and “look-alike” prescriptions.

Despite best efforts, it’s still possible for mistakes to be made. Those who have been injured due to negligence at the workplace may have compensation options available to them that they can look into.