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What is defensive driving?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2018 | Car Accidents

As a Louisiana driver, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. Ensuring proper driving practices is crucial in this case, as they will help you avoid accidents and prevent serious injury from occurring. offers the following tips on defensive driving and how it can help protect you as well as other motorists.

Watch Out for Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers typically speed and swerve around the road. These actions can lead to an accident if a motorist makes a sudden maneuver and you’re unprepared. By remaining alert and aware, you can avoid problem drivers and prevent a serious accident from occurring. Being prepared for aggressive drivers can also reduce your risk of injury.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Of course, you should also work to control your behaviors when behind the wheel. Driving distracted (which includes use of a smartphone, eating while driving, or even adjusting the radio) can easily result in a collision. Work to avoid all distractions behind the wheel, even those that seem relatively harmless. For instance, talking with passengers is a form of cognitive distraction as it can take your attention from the task at hand.

Have a Positive Attitude

Some motorists become adversarial behind the wheel. This can lead to retaliatory behaviors after being cut off or when experiencing other slights, which puts the lives of all drivers in danger. By maintaining a positive attitude, you can control your actions and avoid skirmishes with other drivers that often lead to accidents. Don’t assume bad intentions and be polite and kind when allowing other motorists to merge in and out of traffic or make turns.