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Helping children grieve for a sibling

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When a child dies unexpectedly, an entire family is affected. However, Louisiana parents may not know how they can help their children grieve for their lost sibling. Because children usually look to their parents for guidance, it is important for parents to know how to help their children.

It is important for parents to understand that their children may experience grief in a wide variety of ways. Parents magazine says that some children may feel angry or sad, while others may cry every day. Sometimes kids might argue with their siblings more often. Additionally, some children might experience physical symptoms. One child may have trouble sleeping, while another might have headaches. Siblings usually grieve at different paces, and sometimes children may not want to speak about their lost sibling.

Parents should typically help their children understand that it is okay for them to feel so many emotions. It is a good idea for parents to grieve openly so their children can see the whole family is grieving together. To process these emotions, some parents may want to have their children write letters to their deceased sibling. Some families can also make scrapbooks or make their lost child’s favorite foods. 

After their child dies, some parents may want to simply grieve for their son or daughter. According to, it is important for people to remember that their surviving children still need parenting. Some parents may feel they do not have the emotional reserves to take care of themselves and their children. It is a good idea to have friends and family members nearby who can help when parents feel unable to support their children.