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Why are large trucks more dangerous than other vehicles?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Louisiana residents share the road with all manners of vehicles, both big and small. Understandably, large trucks in particular can make people nervous. But just what about trucks make them so much more dangerous than other vehicles?

Size is the first thing that comes to mind for many. FindLaw shows that many dangerous driving behaviors that cause accidents can be amplified when it’s a truck driver who’s partaking in them. For example, certain trucking companies are notorious for encouraging unsafe driving by rewarding faster speeds and more hours behind the wheel. Because of that, driver fatigue is a big issue. When a truck driver starts to fall asleep, they risk injuring many more people simply because of the size, weight, and potential speed of their vehicle.

Related to that, a truck’s size also makes it difficult for other cars to see. There are “no drive” zones around a truck in which a vehicle will be completely invisible to the truck driver. Other cars can also suffer from these dangerous blind spots, as they may not see vehicles merging or turning with a truck blocking their view.

There is also the brake time to take into consideration. The weight and mass of a large truck means that it has a much harder time coming to a stop than smaller, faster vehicles. It’s much easier for a truck to hit someone from behind if the cars in front of them suddenly stop.

Because of the size of trucks, the damage they deal can also be massive. If you have been hit by a truck, you may wish to seek compensation for the medical expenses that followed.