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Bridge tragedy highlights construction dangers to non-workers

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Toxic Exposure And Work Injuries, Wrongful Death

Many residents of Louisiana and elsewhere are aware that construction is a dangerous industry. In fact, those who work in building or road construction face hazards every day that others rarely encounter. However, people who walk or drive near construction sites may also be in danger if there is an unforeseen accident, as a horrific incident has recently shown.

Many forms of construction are meant to improve the convenience or safety of those using it, as was the intent of a pedestrian bridge project near Florida International University in Miami. Reportedly, the street the bridge was being constructed over is very busy and poses a deadly danger to students and others who cross it. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the construction of the bridge and 960 tons of concrete and metal suddenly collapsed onto the roadway, crushing several cars that were stopped beneath it at a red light.

Six people were killed in the accident and several others were injured. It is yet unclear what exactly caused the accident, but numerous agencies are investigating, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Highway Administration.

The outcome of this tragedy remains to be seen, but it would not be unreasonable to expect the surviving family members to pursue legal action against those who are deemed responsible. This may include wrongful death compensation, as well as the pain and suffering that those surviving are now experiencing with the sudden, untimely deaths of their loved ones.

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