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Companies aim to improve vehicle safety

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Car Accidents

Too often Louisiana residents are presented with horrifying news about car accidents in which innocent people are severely injured or even killed. These incidents are often caused by the negligence of other human drivers. Whether due to intoxication, fatigue, distraction or some other general disrespect for the safety of others, reckless drivers make bad decisions on a regular basis. This is a primary issue that those involved in the development of autonomous vehicles hope to address.

By taking away the control for a vehicle from a potentially negligent driver and handing it to an objective computer, the goal of improved safety and reduced accidents may well come to fruition some day. Two companies that are involved in different aspects of these technologies are coming together to work to this end. Innoviz is a company based in Israel and it has a LiDAR technology that can be used to detect objects in its range. This is done by 3D mapping.

Delphi makes various automobile parts and will be incorporating the LiDAR technology provided by Innoviz into select products aimed at use in autonomous vehicles. The ability to sense objects that a vehicle may collide with can give the self-driving car the ability to maneuver around it and avoid a collision.

While these technologies are still in the works, Louisiana drivers and passengers who may be involved in crashes might want to discuss their compensation options with a lawyer. 

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