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Compensation sought after worker’s death

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Toxic Exposure And Work Injuries, Wrongful Death

Residents in Louisiana who must grieve the loss of a loved one in an unnecessary accident at a work location may understandably be wondering what type of justice can come from such a horrible and unnecessary event. Many laws and regulations are in place designed specifically to keep employees safe while on the job. These regulations may include guidance on safety practices, requirements for maintaining equipment and more.

A sad reality of life is that accidents on work sites can and do happen more often than people would wish. Even worse is the reality that innocent people die and their family members are left to live with the holes in their hearts. Such is the case for three people who died in an accident that happened after a tank exploded at a business in February of this year. The explosion took place at a containerboard mill in Louisiana.

One of the men who died actually worked for a welding company. Records indicate that at least once in the past, the company where the explosion happened has experienced a similar type of incident. The father of the man who worked for the welding company has actually filed a wrongful death suit naming multiple defendants.

After the loss of a person’s life in an accident that should not have happened, people who survive them may find it helpful to learn about their compensation options by talking with a lawyer.

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