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Delayed diagnosis subject of new suit

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Louisiana residents who put their lives on the line and serve in the United States military should be able to expect that they will be appropriately treated and cared for when they face health problems. That level of respect and trust should actually be there for anyone including veterans. However, too many veterans today face problems when it comes to receiving quality health care. This leaves many people facing worse problems than originally faced and wondering what they can do.

One man from Louisiana’s St. John the Baptist Parish sought care roughly two years ago when his lower extremities were weak. The weakness in the region kept getting worse and he was seeking an explanation and treatment. Reports indicate that the man was eventually found to have had an abscess. However, this abscess was not discovered early on and therefore he did not receive the appropriate type and level of treatment in a timely fashion.

Few details are known about what injuries the man experienced due to the delayed diagnosis and treatment. However, he and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the United States of America. They originally sought compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs but were denied. Reports indicate the denial was issued due to a lack of ability to reach a settlement.

Patients who face medical problems and fail to receive appropriate care deserve help. Talking with an attorney at these times may help to shed light on their options.

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