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Common injuries resulting from head-on crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Car Accidents

The possibility of getting into an accident exists no matter how careful Louisiana drivers are, unfortunately. Drivers who get into head-on collisions with other vehicles can face several unique and specific types of injury.

Onto Orthopedics states that there are five branches of common injuries that result from head-on collisions. This includes:

  •           The joints or extremities
  •           Head and brain
  •           Back and neck
  •           Internal organs
  •           Psychological distress

Of these, the most common are head and neck injuries, especially due to how common whiplash can be after a frontal crash. Back and brain damage can be tied to these whiplash injuries as well, and a person’s head may sometimes come into contact with their steering wheel, air bag, or dashboard in a way that contributes to these specific ailments. The psychological distress comes into play due to the traumatic nature of seeing another vehicle coming at a person’s car in the moments before impact, as well as the impact itself and the immediate aftermath.

World Wide Wounds also states that lower extremity damage is common in frontal collisions. Hip, knee, or ankle dislocation can be common. Fractures may also occur in the aforementioned areas and the femoral area as well. The injuries to the head, neck and so on occur as the body continues moving forward after an impact, which is why there can be two primary areas of damage.

Of course, these aren’t the only issues that a person may face after being in a head-on collision. These are simply some of the most common. After getting into an accident, it is advised that a person gets a thorough medical examination to ensure that any injuries, external or internal, are spotted and treated properly.