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6 things to know about fatigued truckers

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents

As you travel down I-10, you are likely going to see 18-wheelers. It is imperative that these truckers have their wits about them when they drive. If they don’t, other people who are in the interstate might suffer because of a semitruck crash. One cause of big rig crashes that all drivers should know about is fatigued driving. 

#1: Driving too many hours can lead to fatigue

Truckers have limits to how long they can drive. The Hours of Service regulations set maximum driving time limits for truckers based on what other job duties they must do. Truckers can only drive for a maximum of 11 hours per shift if they are carrying cargo and only 10 hours per shift if they are transporting people. That amount of time is only when they are behind the wheel. The regulations give the truckers a bit more time if they are performing other duties, such as loading and unloading the truck, during a shift.

#2: Lack of quality sleep can cause fatigue

Lack of quality sleep can lead to fatigue. For this reason, truckers should try to find a comfortable place to sleep at night or when they aren’t driving. Some truckers have sleeper berths. However, they might need to find an alternate place to sleep. Medical conditions like sleep apnea or sciatica might lead to a lesser quality of sleep.

#3: Driving conditions can result in fatigue

Driving conditions, including the cab of the truck feeling stuffy, can lead to fatigue. Truckers who traverse I-10 probably need air conditioning during the hot southern months if they are going to travel the full length of Louisiana via I-10.

#4: Route factors might contribute to fatigue

Route factors, including driving on familiar roads, can lead to fatigue. Truckers who must travel at night or in the rain might feel more fatigue than what is normal for them.

#5: Trucking company policies may be a contributing factor

Trucking companies often want to promise customers that they will get their goods as fast as possible. This can lead to the company pushing the trucker to drive too long or not take adequate time off to rest. These policies can lead to crashes if they cause a trucker to become too fatigued.

#6: Compensation might be possible after a fatigued trucker crash

Victims of 18-wheeler crashes on I-10 might decide to seek compensation. This can help you to pay for the cost of medical care and other expenses that you have to cover because of the accident.