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The most common avoidable car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2017 | Car Accidents

As Louisiana drivers may know, not all car accidents can be predicted or avoided. However, there are a number of intentional behaviors or actions that a driver can take that may lead them into a completely preventable accident.

Six Wise states that driving recklessly is one big potential ticket to a wreck, and it’s avoidable. This can include aggressive driving such as racing, chasing other vehicles or tailgating. It can also include distracted driving. No matter where the distraction comes from, such as chatting with passengers or checking one’s cell phone for texts, the results are the same. Drivers can accidentally miss road signs, not spot oncoming cars in time, run into other vehicles or objects, and more. Having a limited amount of reaction time will almost certainly boost one’s chances of crashing.

However, according to the Business Insider, impaired driving is the top preventable cause of vehicular accidents. This includes driving under the influence of recreational drugs, alcohol, prescription medication, or even over the counter drugs like allergy or cold medications. Driving while impaired is also the top cause for fatal accidents in America, meaning a good chunk of the deaths that occur on the road could have been prevented.

Preparing for accidents in any situation is perhaps a driver’s best bet to avoid them. In some cases this can be difficult, as not all causes of crashes can be predicted. However, in the aforementioned cases, a driver has complete control over the circumstances and can actively lower their own risk of getting into a crash.