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Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury but may be preventable

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

Having a child is the most momentous occasion in many people’s lives and for most it a time filled with joy and optimism. However, for some parents in Lake Charles, injuries sustain during their child’s birth may lead to a long road of time consuming and costly medical problems. Some of the more common birth injuries that babies sustain have to do with the brain and one condition that may develop is cerebral palsy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cerebral palsy can result from damage to the brain during birth. This damage can affect a child’s muscles and his or her ability to control them. The severity of the damage can vary greatly. Some people may be able to walk on their own while others may end up confined to a wheelchair.

During the birthing process, it is the responsibility of the doctor to make sure that baby receives enough oxygen. Failure to take proper measures during and immediately following a baby’s birth can result in damage to the brain and the development of cerebral palsy.

Children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy will likely be affected by the condition for the rest of their lives. Continuous medical care may be necessary and may result in many costly bills. In addition, as the Huffington Post points out, the person’s quality of life may also suffer as a result even if the condition is considered mild compared to other patients. Therefore, pursuing compensation may be worthwhile in order to ensure that the child is able to receive the best care available and lead the fullest life possible.