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Driver of the bus in fatal accident on I-10 speaks out

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Car Accidents, Wrongful Death

Three people lost their lives on Aug. 28 in a crash involving a bus, a fire truck and two passenger vehicles. The accident occurred on Interstate 10. Louisiana authorities report that the driver of the bus who is said to be responsible for the fatal accident is illegally in the country and does not have a valid driver’s license. He remains incarcerated in a Louisiana parish jail, but he is now speaking out about what he says happened that day.

He admits that he did not have the proper license to drive, but he says that he told his boss as much before he got behind the wheel. He claims that his boss told him to drive the bus despite his protestations. He was told that the bus was checked out and that it was road worthy.

As the bus traveled westbound on Interstate 10, it came upon a single-vehicle accident that was being worked by troopers with the Louisiana State Police and the local parish fire department. The bus driver claims that the brakes on the bus failed, and he did what he could to minimize the damage due to the fact that he had no way to safely maneuver the bus. The district fire chief was thrown over the guardrail in the impact and fell some 40 feet, and he later succumbed to his injuries. Two other people also died, and many of the 24 passengers on the bus suffered injuries.

The bus driver is facing criminal charges and could also face civil actions. However, his employer could also be facing wrongful death and personal injury claims for allowing an unlicensed driver to get behind the wheel of the bus, among other things. Furthermore, if it turns out that the brakes on the bus failed, that could also play a factor in any civil proceedings. It could be some time before the details are sorted out and liability is assessed in this fatal accident.

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