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Impairment suspected in car accident, 1 killed, 1 injured

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2015 | Car Accidents

Every decision a Louisiana driver makes while behind the wheel affects not only that driver and any other occupants of the vehicle, but also everyone else on the road. When one of those decisions is to drink and drive, the impaired driver makes the choice to endanger the lives of everyone else without considering the consequences. A major consequence is the probability of a drunk driver being involved in a car accident that leads to injury or death.

A 63-year-old man was heading north when he pulled into a parking lot in order to turn around and head south. There is no way that he could have known that decision would put him and his passenger in harm’s way. A pickup truck already heading south slammed into the back of his vehicle.

The victim, who was from Lake Charles, suffered fatal injuries in the crash to which he succumbed at an area hospital. His passenger suffered injuries that led emergency medical personnel at the scene to request a helicopter for transport. That individual’s last known condition was stable. As for the driver of the pickup and his passenger, both refused any medical treatment.

Police noticed that the driver showed signs of impairment, so a blood sample was taken at the hospital to verify those suspicions. So far, he is facing a charge of first-offense DWI. It is not yet known whether any additional charges will be filed.

The family of the victim and his injured passenger both retain the right to file either a wrongful death or personal injury claim, as applicable, against the driver despite what occurs in criminal court. If negligence is proved to the satisfaction of a Louisiana court, damages may be awarded to the family and the surviving victim. Any restitution received could help with the inevitable expenses and other damages sustained in the aftermath of a serious car accident.

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