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Did driver distraction cause this fatal car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving can have devastating consequences. It is the cause of many severe injuries and even deaths on nationwide roadways, including in Louisiana. A car accident that recently occurred on La. 109 resulted in the death of one person, and officers apparently had reason to suspect that distractions caused the fatal crash.

Accident investigators said a 23-year-old driver of a pickup truck was northbound on La. 109 on a recent Wednesday morning shortly before noon. For unknown reasons, he lost control of his vehicle as he negotiated a bend. As he veered back onto the roadway, his pickup rotated and struck another truck.

Accident reports indicate the driver of the second pickup suffered serious injuries to which she succumbed after she was rushed to the hospital. The driver believed responsible for the accident reportedly suffered no injuries. A trooper reported that it is suspected that the driver was distracted when he lost control of his truck. The investigation into the crash is ongoing, pending toxicology test results.

The family of the 51-year-old woman who died in this tragic car accident will naturally face emotional and financial challenges going forward. A wrongful death claim may be filed in a Louisiana civil court. The truck driver may be held liable for expenses related to end-of-life arrangements and medical expenses incurred in the time leading up to the death, though it will be necessary to submit acceptable proof of negligence before a civil court will consider a monetary award. Furthermore, recovery of other documented financial losses such as loss of income and other documented damages may also be sought.

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