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Lake Charles man arrested in hit-and-run car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2015 | Car Accidents

Any time a pedestrian walks near traffic, there is a risk a passing vehicle will strike that person. Residents in Lake Charles do not always have the luxury, however, of staying away from vehicles while they walk to their destinations. If a pedestrian vs. car accident does occur, the driver is required by law remain at the scene to help the victim and wait for the authorities.

Not all drivers remain at the scene, however. Police say that a 19-year-old man from Lake Charles failed to do so after an accident took place around 11:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. Police were called to the scene of a hit-and-run in which a 27-year-old man was struck by a vehicle.

The vehicle was heading south when it struck the pedestrian, and the driver then fled the scene without even checking to see whether the victim needed medical attention. As it turns out, the victim suffered fatal injuries. No information was provided regarding how police located the vehicle and its driver involved in this tragedy. He faces charges of felony hit-and-run, and his bond was set at $20,000.

He could also face a wrongful death claim filed by the victim’s family. In order to prevail in a civil claim for monetary damages, his family would need to prove the driver that hit him was negligent in a manner that led to the death of their loved one. Successfully establishing negligence to the court might result in an award of damages. Any monetary restitution received could defray the financial impact of this pedestrian vs. car accident.

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