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Toxic exposure is just one workplace hazard for Louisiana workers

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Toxic Exposure And Work Injuries

Nearly every industrial worker in Louisiana accepts that his or her job comes with certain dangers. Toxic exposure to chemicals that are used, stored or distributed in the workplace is just one of those hazards. Without the proper safety equipment and training, a worker can suffer serious injury, illness or even death.

Federal and state laws set minimum requirements for safety that are to be followed by employers. Regrettably, even when every safety precaution possible is taken, a worker can still be exposed to toxic chemicals in unsafe levels. The probability of being exposed to toxic levels increases dramatically when an employer fails to follow the letter of the law — let alone the spirit of it.

If you discover that you have suffered an injury or illness as the result of exposure to chemicals in your workplace, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Expenses such as medical costs, medical-related costs and lost wages are just some of the costs covered by workers’ compensation. If you have lost a family member due to a work-related accident, you may receive benefits as well to cover funeral and burial costs along with the loss of your loved one’s income.

In some cases of toxic exposure, however, a Louisiana employer’s gross negligence or a third party may have caused or contributed to the accident. If an investigation reveals this to be true, it may be possible to receive additional financial restitution through the filing of a civil action. If the court is satisfied that the party or parties deemed responsible was negligent, damages may be awarded that could defray the inevitable financial losses to you and your family.