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Police need help in hit-and-run car accident in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

Law enforcement officials sometimes need the assistance of the public to locate vehicles and their drivers that are involved in hit-and-run collisions. Recently, police began asking anyone with information about a car accident that put a Louisiana man in the hospital to come forward. Now, a week after the driver fled the scene of that crash, the man’s family has made the painful decision to take the victim off the machines believed to be keeping him alive.

When the accident occurred, the victim was walking his bicycle through an intersection. A vehicle only described as a car slammed into him. The 55-year-old man was found alone. The vehicle that struck him did not remain at the scene. It may never be known whether the man’s prospects for survival would have improved had the driver stayed to help the victim.

A fractured skull is just one of the critical injuries he suffered when he was struck. As the victim clings to life, his family says that he is not in good condition. The family is holding out hope that he will be able to breathe on his own when he is removed from life support.

When the vehicle and its driver are located, he or she will likely face criminal charges here in Louisiana in connection with this hit-and-run car accident. Further, the family is entitled to file civil litigation against him on behalf of the victim. Proving the driver was negligent and that his injuries were the result of that negligence could result in an award of damages that could defray the expenses and other damages incurred as a result of this tragedy.

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