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Witness describes fatal car accident on I-10E in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Car Accidents

A woman occupying a vehicle that was following another vehicle occupied by family members witnessed a devastating crash on I-10E in Louisiana. As the two vehicles traveled east, another vehicle came up quickly and attempted to pass on the shoulder. The woman witnessed the car accident that resulted from that driver’s apparent recklessness.

Her family member’s vehicle was sideswiped by the speeding pickup truck. That was bad enough, but what happened next had her momentarily terrified for her family. Through a dust cloud, she could see a vehicle going airborne and over the edge of the Interstate. Fortunately, it was not the vehicle occupied by her family members, who reportedly were not injured in the incident.

The pickup truck had slammed into the guardrail with enough force to throw it into the air and off the roadway. It landed on its roof on the ground below. The driver died there at the scene. Two passengers, a woman and her child, survived the crash and were taken to the hospital.

The woman’s injuries appeared to be more severe than those of the 2-year-old boy. His condition was considered to be stable at last report. The 23-year-old passenger’s current condition was not available.

The relationship between the boy and the woman is not known. Regardless, medical expenses are being incurred due to the injuries suffered in this fatal car accident. These expenses alone can quickly become a burden. If personal injury claims are successfully litigated, a Louisiana court may award damages that could help with those financial burdens by providing monetary restitution for the medical costs and other damages permissible under state laws.

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