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Louisiana boy suffers catastrophic injuries from being hit by car

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Car Accidents

During the school year, the constant stopping and starting of school buses picking up or dropping off children can seem like an annoyance to some Louisiana drivers. Many drivers dread seeing that little stop sign lit up on the side of the bus as they hurry to their destinations. However, those stop signs are meant to keep children safe as they get on and off the school bus each day. When a driver fails to obey that sign or exercise additional caution near a school bus, a child can easily suffer catastrophic injuries or worse.

This is what happened to a Louisiana first grader on the afternoon of April 9. A driver reportedly failed to pay attention and struck the boy as he was crossing the street after getting off the school bus. Emergency personnel rushed him to an area hospital. At last report, he was still in the hospital and was listed in critical condition.

A resident near where the accident took place told sources that the area is dangerous because drivers are constantly speeding. Police have not yet indicated whether speed was a factor in this crash. The incident is still under investigation, and no word as to whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver that hit the young boy was available.

No Louisiana parent wants to even imagine the heartache that the parents of the victim are experiencing. However, it is not only the emotional pain the parents will have to endure, but the financial pain as well. Medical expenses for the youngster’s catastrophic injuries are undoubtedly going to have a significant impact on this family. Filing a personal injury claim could afford them the opportunity to recover damages if it can be established that the driver negligently caused or contributed to the tragic accident.

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