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Family of deceased man sues for emergency room malpractice

| Jan 15, 2014 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice | 0 comments

When it becomes necessary to visit the emergency room, it is normally because a patient believes that there is a pressing situation that requires immediate attention by a doctor. A Louisiana woman and her children are currently suing for emergency room malpractice after the woman’s husband visited the emergency room and was turned away: not just once, but twice. The man died due to a serious heart condition shortly thereafter.

The first time the man arrived at the hospital, he complained of severe pain in his stomach, going all the way up to his jaw. The emergency room diagnosed him with heat exhaustion. The second time the man arrived at the emergency room, which was the very next day, he complained of the same symptoms. This time the emergency room diagnosed him with the stomach flu.

Both times, the emergency room allegedly evaluated the man for a heart attack. Both times, the diagnosis was reportedly negative. The man returned home and within hours, he had collapsed. When the ambulance transported the man to the hospital and doctors evaluated the man, a tear on his aorta was discovered. Emergency surgery was performed, and by the next day the man was dead.

The defendant is accused of many things in this wrongful death suit. Included among those items are medical malpractice, failing to order proper tests and failing to properly diagnose the deceased. Any resident of Louisiana who has been hurt due to emergency room malpractice may have the right to file a similar suit for financial compensation. Financial restitution may be made to cover unexpected costs that have resulted due to the tragedy.

Source: The Louisiana Record, Family of man who died after allegedly being misdiagnosed twice in emergency room sues, Kyle Barnett, Jan. 13, 2014


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