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Podiatrist nightmare leads to claims of doctor negligence

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

A Louisiana man recently consulted a podiatrist for a foot condition that eventually required surgery. The condition started out as a lesion that was apparently under a foot bone. The podiatrist prescribed one set of treatments that permanently altered the man’s life for the worse, according to the patient. The person eventually required surgery, making this a case of doctor negligence.

The treatment originally prescribed by the podiatrist involved a weekly treatment that was apparently completed over seven weeks. The treatment involved burning the lesion with several chemicals. The man claims, however, that after the treatment, a blister developed.

Even though the blister was drained, although it is unclear by whom, an ulcer developed. In order to treat the ulcer, antibiotics were prescribed in addition to skin grafts. Eventually, the man needed surgery to correct the condition.

The victim has filed a suit against his podiatrist on the grounds of doctor negligence. The defendant is accused of not properly evaluating the victim’s condition and not obtaining proper consent for the procedures performed, among other things. Under Louisiana law, the victim has the right to pursue restitution for the expenses he has incurred, if in fact the podiatrist’s actions are proved to be negligent. The victim is seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, diminished earning capacity and loss of enjoyment of life, among several other items. Obviously no amount of compensation can make up for a clean bill of health, but it could help the man deal with both the financial and emotion stress that he finds himself facing since the incident took place.

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