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Louisiana fatal accident claims lives of woman and young nephew

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Police of the Louisiana Traffic Division are still investigating a hit-and-run accident that recently occurred on Interstate 10. The accident ultimately claimed the lives of two people. Police say they have enough evidence to make an arrest in this fatal accident once they locate the driver who fled the scene.

A woman traveling in a car with her two-year-old nephew apparently rear-ended another vehicle. The two made the grave mistake of leaving their vehicle; family members contend that the woman began attempting to direct traffic around the accident. At some point, according to authorities, two other cars caused a second accident, which pushed the woman and her nephew over guard rail. As that section of I-10 is a high-rise, both victims were pronounced dead.

It was not immediately clear if one or both drivers of the two cars involved in the second accident left the scene. It was not reported if speed or other negligent factors such as driving under the influence may have contributed to the second accident. Authorities contend, however, that there is enough evidence to lead to an arrest.

As Louisiana authorities were still searching for the driver who fled the scene of this fatal accident at the last report, the investigation could be ongoing. The family of the victims may have the right to file separate wrongful death claims to seek damages incurred in the loss of their two loved ones. Naturally no amount of financial gain can fully make up for the losses, but the family incurred concrete costs such as burial costs and lost wages. Additional compensation may be applied toward future earning potential, loss of companionship, along with pain and suffering.

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