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Louisiana driver couldn’t avoid car accident that killed 1 person

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Car Accidents

Several people were hurt and one person was killed recently on U.S. Highway 165 in Louisiana’s Morehouse Parish. The driver of one of the two vehicles involved in the two car accident was unable to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. However, due to the circumstances of the accident, that driver may end up not being charged as a result.


The other driver lost control of his vehicle as he was heading southbound on U.S. Highway 165. The car then spun into the opposite lanes of traffic where it encountered the other vehicle. It was then that the two cars collided.

The driver and two passengers in the second vehicle were taken to an area hospital with what were described as moderate injuries. The passenger of the vehicle that lost control suffered unspecified serious injuries and was also taken to an area hospital for treatment. The driver of the first vehicle unfortunately did not survive the accident. The current condition of the four people injured in this accident is not known.


Authorities may never be able to determine why the driver of the first vehicle lost control. However, that may not preclude the injured parties from filing personal injury claims in connection with the car accident. Since the driver of that first vehicle died from injuries sustained in the accident, any civil action will have to be filed against his estate. Expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering can be recovered from a deceased’s estate under Louisiana law governing personal injury claims.


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