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Louisiana State Police struggle with cause of fatal accident

On Behalf of | May 21, 2013 | Wrongful Death

The Louisiana State Police are still confounded by what could have caused a recent accident in Metairie. After culling through witness statements, troopers have eliminated several factors such as speed and impairment as the cause. To be thorough, they have now decided to bring in a mechanic to determine if the scooter the woman was driving at the time of the fatal accident suffered some sort of mechanical failure.

The woman was driving the 2009 Citycom 300i scooter on the flyover ramp that leads from Causeway Boulevard south onto Interstate 10 east. For an as yet and still unknown reason, the woman ended up colliding with the right side of the ramp. When she did, she was thrown over the side and landed on Interstate 10 below.

The drop was approximately 50 feet. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities. It will be the responsibility of the expert mechanic to go over the scooter with a fined tooth comb to determine whether there is anything mechanically wrong with it that could have contributed to or caused the accident.

The results of the investigation by the Louisiana State Police and the mechanic may be used by the victim’s family in a wrongful death claim. Should it be discovered that a mechanical failure led to the fatal accident, whoever is deemed responsible for that failure could be named in the civil action. If the suit is successful, the family may be awarded the costs and damages they having incurred since their loved one died.

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