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Lake Charles woman will be sentenced soon in 2012 fatal accident

On Behalf of | May 28, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Back in April 2012, a car was in the northbound lane of the Calcasieu River Bridge on U.S. 171. As the driver of that car was changing a tire, a Lake Charles woman slammed into the car killing a father and his then 13-year-old daughter. Now the woman has pleaded guilty to charges in connection with that fatal accident.

According to the prosecutor, the woman was impaired at the time of the crash. It was discovered that she had ingested numerous drugs prior to getting behind the wheel of her car. There is a possibility this tragedy could have been avoided had the woman not been impaired when she was driving.

Instead of going to trial, the woman entered a plea regarding the charges against her. She pleaded guilty to the vehicular homicide of the father and daughter along with negligent injuring with a vehicle. The Lake Charles woman’s sentencing hearing has been scheduled for July 26. It is not known whether prosecutors made a deal with the woman regarding sentencing or if the victims’ family agreed with any deals that may have been made.

Nonetheless, the family still has the right to file wrongful death claims in connection with the death of their loved ones. The fact that the woman has pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from the fatal accident may be used as evidence in civil court to prove negligence. If successful, the family may be awarded the costs and damages they have incurred such as medical bills and funeral costs just to name a couple.

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