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Louisiana woman arrested in fatal accident

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Wrongful Death

A Louisiana woman is facing several charges including vehicular homicide in connection with the death of the owner of a car dealership. She is being held at the Livingston Parish Prison on a bond that exceeds $100,000. The fatal accident took place on Interstate 12 near the Juban Road exit.

The woman’s blood alcohol level at the time of the accident is reported to have been 0.15 percent. The legal limit in Louisiana is 0.08 percent, making the woman’s blood alcohol level nearly two times that limit. As a result, the woman has also been charged with driving while intoxicated.

The Denham Springs woman was driving eastbound on Interstate 12 well in excess of the posted speed limit when she slammed into the rear end of the victim’s vehicle. The impact threw his vehicle off of the road where it crashed into a tree. Emergency personnel were able to revive the victim at the scene and transport him to a local hospital. Once there, medical personnel were unable to save his life, and he succumbed to his injuries.

Criminal charges may not be the only action the driver will face. The victim’s family has the right to file a wrongful death claim against her in connection with this fatal accident. If they are able to provide a court with evidence that she was negligent and that her negligent actions caused or contributed to the death of their loved one, the court may award his family the costs and other damages associated with his death. Recovering costs such as medical bills and funeral expenses aren’t going to bring him back to his family, but it may help lessen the financial burden placed on them due to his untimely death.

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