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Speeding on a rainy day in Louisiana leads to fatal car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2012 | Car Accidents

According to the Louisiana State Police Troop D, there have been 31 fatalities resulting from car crashes within their jurisdiction so far this year. A recent car accident claimed the life of one man and injured another when a driver, whom police believe may have been speeding, tried to pass an 18-wheeler and lost control of his vehicle. During the attempted pass, the driver of a 1999 Jeep began to spin out of control, presumably on the wet pavement, and struck a 2001 Ford pickup that was parked on the shoulder of the road.

There were only two people involved in the crash; both needed medical attention for injuries sustained during the collision. The driver of the Jeep unfortunately succumbed to his injuries after his arrival at the hospital. The driver of the Ford sustained moderate injuries in the incident. There is no report of his current condition or prognosis at this time.

Louisiana officials were able to acquire blood samples from both drivers, which will be testing for evidence of impairment by way of drugs or alcohol. Police reports indicate that it was raining at the time of the accident, and that speeds which were too high for the weather conditions may have played a causal role in the incident. While the investigation is ongoing, it appears that the driver of the Jeep lost his life in a way that may have been avoidable. The other driver that who was injured in the crash will now face recovery from his injuries, medical bills and potentially loss of income due to time away from work.

Even though the man driving the Jeep that struck the Ford died in the accident, there may still be an option for the injured victim to reclaim lost expenses in civil court. In Louisiana, the estate of a deceased person can be held accountable in relation to a car accident that leads to the injury or death of another person. Prevailing in such a civil suit will require the presentation of evidence that the deceased person’s actions were negligent, and caused or contributed to the crash.

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